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In The Winery

                        The barrel room in the cave.  Christian Palmaz is designing an artificial
                        intelligence system that will monitor wines as they age in barrels.

               Palmaz Vineyards:

               The Winery of the Future

                By: Nan McCreary
               I    f you want to envision the winery of the        harmonious use of tradition and technology to craft

                    future—a winery that leverages cutting-edge
                                                                    great vintages. That vision led them, along with
                                                                    their children Florencia and Christian Gastón (and
                    technology with the ancient art of winemak-
               ing—look no further than Palmaz Vineyards, hidden  Christian’s wife, Jessica Louise), to an abandoned
               within the forested ridges of Napa Valley’s Mount    property in Napa Valley, the former Cedar Knoll
               George. Here, the Palmaz family is applying inno-    Vineyard and Winery, founded in 1881 by German
               vative, if not futuristic, tools to enhance the artistic   immigrant and wine pioneer Henry Hagen. Hagen’s
               elements of wine.                                    early success, the cool climate and stony soils—as
                                                                    well as the mountain’s potential for housing a mul-
                 Winery founder, Julio Palmaz, a physician and      tilevel gravity winery—inspired the Palmaz family
               inventor of the Palmaz Coronary Stent, a device      to purchased the property in 1997, and spend the
               that revolutionized medicine, is clearly a man       next three years restoring the house and develop-
               ahead of his time. From the beginning, he and his    ing the new winery and vineyard.
               wife, Amalia, set out to create a winery that made

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