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In The Winery

                 Webster is the founder of Meaghan W. Marketing     nity involvement because it’s inspirational and aspi-
               and current marketing manager for First Batch        rational. If your team is volunteering, share a photo
               Hospitality, the group behind urban winemaking       of employees at the volunteer event. If you made
               and events at Brooklyn Winery in New York, District  a charitable donation, ask the recipient to share
               Winery in Washington, D.C., and RiNo Point Winery  digital assets that align with the cause you’re help-
               in Denver. She told The Grapevine Magazine that      ing them support,” the Happy Medium media team
               how you use social media to enhance alliances in     said. “This demonstrates how your brand builds
               the community—both with your charitable partner-     and supports communities in a way that’s relatable
               ships and to celebrate the efforts of employees and  and impactful. Write a brief caption about why the
               customers—matters now. So steep your posts with      cause you’re supporting is relevant to the brand.
               gratitude.   “For example, if a winery is donating a   Always tag the organization!”
               percentage of its sales to recovery for their laid-off
               employees or a special industry fund, then social              Creating Evocative Content
               posts referencing these efforts should thank fol-
               lowers and customers for contributing to the stat-     The critical nuts and bolts of pandemic commu-
               ed cause,” she said. “People love when you show      nication are still necessary. On your website and
               them the impact that their purchase has made.        across all social media channels, points about safe-
               Therefore, follow up and post about how much         ty, sanitary practices, operational hours and tasting
               ended up being contributed to the cause.”            room traffic allowances, among others, must be
                                                                    continuously updated and with proper sensitivity.
                 Chad Richards is vice president of Firebelly, a    But, Webster added, you can also use this time to
               “social media marketing agency on a mission since    create a haven of comfort.
               2007” based in Indianapolis. Firebelly has worked
               with JUSTIN Winery and Landmark Vineyards, as          “Offering a bit of escape from reality is received
               well as breweries and restaurants. Richards also     very well, according to social media analytics for
               recommended taking a less self-serving approach.     the wineries I work for,” she said. “People are long-
               “Whatever you do, make sure the hero is the char-    ing for normal times of the past, which means they
               ity or community you’re supporting. Nothing elicits   enjoy seeing photos of what wineries were like
               eye rolls faster than ‘Look at us—we’re so charita-  before everything shut down. All businesses should
               ble!’”                                               be especially cognizant of the tone they use, and
                                                                    always acknowledge the current state of the world
                 If you shredded your social media plan already,    in their captions in some way. But providing the
               don’t worry. There’s still strong potential for      nostalgia and temporary escape that followers are
               authentic communication. “Humans like stories,       looking for right now is a good way to keep people
               and we’re storytellers by nature. It’s how we con-   engaged.”
               nect to one another, and right now, people are
               seeking connection more than ever,” Richards said.     Webster suggested showing the human side of the
               “And don’t worry about trying to be creative or      business through Instagram stories and static posts
               clever—just be honest.”                              to “connect people of the business with people
                                                                    who want to support the business.” What’s going
                 We all appreciate uplifting stories right now,     on in the vineyards right now? Who’s putting wine
               according to the media team at Happy Medium, a       shipments together while the winery is closed?
               full-service digital creative agency in Des Moines,   What’s the origin story of the winery and vineyard,
               Iowa. Keeping this intent in mind helps you craft    how did it evolve pre-COVID and how is it navigat-
               social media content that showcases community        ing this difficult time?
               involvement as a result of the energy of your brand
               and, by close relation, all your customers.            “While the entire story may be long and not
                                                                    fit into one social media post, a winery should
                 “Overall, audiences tend to react well to commu-   know its full narrative, so when it writes a short-

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