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In The Winery

               Keeping it Social:

               How to Approach Your Online

               Connections Post-COVID By: Tracey L. Kelley
               A       spects of target marketing are quite fluid   reposition your wines, tasting room, community

                       right now and are projected to be for some
                                                                    engagement and other advances of your business.
                       time. As the world continues a slow but
               seemingly progressive recovery from COVID-19,               Community and Locality Matter
               and as the United States, in particular, address-                  Now More than Ever
               es other key issues affecting its citizens, how you
               approach a purposeful social media presence for        You may have experienced extra support from
               your brand has a significant impact on your turn-    existing and new customers during the pandemic.
               around.                                              This momentum, said Meaghan Webster, is essen-
                                                                    tial to maintain through online channels. “People
                 In an article for Scientific American, tech expert   are sourcing inspiration from social media for how
               David Pogue said, “No longer are you on top of       to support local businesses and their employees.
               the mountain, blasting your marketing message        There’s been a huge push from consumers to sup-
               down to the masses through your megaphone. All       port local restaurants and beverage producers they
               of a sudden, the masses are conversing with one      know are struggling, and wineries should acknowl-
               another.” These are the conversations and actions    edge this sentiment on social media, emphasizing
               you need to engage in on your social platforms to    the local nature of their products.”
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