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In The Winery

               er Instagram caption or creates a few slides of an   •  Consider how other individuals, including those
               Instagram story about their business, they can dis-      new to the wine tasting experience, might want
               till the most important parts down into a digestible     to know about both your in-person and virtual
               format, and weave it into posts whenever they            interactive opportunities.
               can,” Webster said.
                                                                    •  Finally, there are additional people, especially
                 Happy Medium advised using interactive content         those in younger demographics, who are eager
               whenever possible, to build confidence and trust.        to get out and make new memories. Show them
               “Customers are more likely to engage with content        through social media why your establishment is
               that entertains, educates and tells an authentic         the perfect choice for safe-but-fun gatherings.
               story. Engaging customers with your content makes
               your brand more memorable and creates a deeper         Remember the message of online interaction: sim-
               connection,” the media team said. “Try incorpo-      ply ask your followers what they might be interest-
               rating polls, question and answer stickers, or fea-  ed in, and listen carefully. Their suggestions might
               ture the people who make your brand what it is in    be different than what you’ve tried before, but now
               Instagram stories or by hosting a live stream. Both   is the time to take advantage of fresh ideas.
               of these are growing social trends that bolster high-
               er engagement and should be a staple to any social                 Social Media Tips for
               media strategy.”                                                 the Next 12-18 Months

                 Don’t feel you have to do all the heavy lifting      “Flexible consistency” is the action plan for your
               of brand awareness and connection alone. Once        social media efforts now—and the foreseeable
               again, Richards said, think about potential alliances.  future. Maybe your marketing manager is tempo-
               “Get your bottles into the hands of influencers—     rarily furloughed. Perhaps your state allowed grad-
               allowing people to learn about your product via      ual reopening, but as you approach early harvests,
               someone they already trust or admire. And think      you don’t feel you’ll have time to maintain your
               outside the box. These don’t have to be wine or      online presence like you did last year.
               foodie influencers. A travel, fashion or beauty influ-
               encer could easily weave your brand and bottle         The media team at Happy Medium suggested
               into their story.”                                   three areas of focus:

                 And if the budget allows, boost your social media   •  Post consistently. While so much consumer
               ad views. “I realize they may be a luxury in times       activity has slowed during this period, it’s espe-
               like these, but ads really are the fastest way to get    cially important for brands to stay top-of-mind
               the right message to the right people in the right       with their consumers. Even if operations are
               places,” he said. “Many brands have cut their ad         currently paused, still send at least a couple of
               spends, so the marketplace is less competitive right     posts per week.
               now. You’ll get more for your money if you’re able
               to participate.”                                     •  Stay positive. Audiences have been overloaded
                                                                        with COVID-19 messaging over the past few
                 As reopening continues, your messaging to vari-        months and are starting to become jaded to
               ous demographics might change slightly. Take time        overused marketing verbiage. Send positive
               to evaluate your core audiences and cater to how         messages while still being respectful to the cur-
               they might be feeling. For example:                      rent situation.

               •  Promote your best practices for safety and        •  Don’t post content exclusively directed at sales:
                  cleanliness to reassure and comfort people who        share photos and stories about your team,
                  want to visit your winery but express concern         industry news or fun facts about your winery
                  about contagions.                                     and operations.

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