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In The Winery

                 A 2017 study from the American Express
               Customer Service Barometer reported that                 BIG WINERY TOOLS FOR
               Americans are “more likely to post about good           SMALL WINERY BUDGETS
               experiences (53%) than poor experiences (35%).”
               So, in addition to staying realistic and flexible about   VinNOW  is a complete, integrated, winery soft-
               your content and posting efforts, reaffirming cus-     ware solution! One program using one database.
                                                                      VinNOW lives on your computer not in the cloud.
               tomer service is one of the strongest messages
               Webster offered.                                       Unlimited FREE Live Support & Training
                                                                                Easy to Use Features:
                 “For small wineries without dedicated marketing            •  Wine Club
               or social media staff, that means digital customer           •  Point of Sale
               service often gets put on the back burner.” She sug-         •  Customer Management with History
               gested navigating it this way:                               •  Credit Card Processing
                                                                            •  Shipping & Compliance
                                                                            •  Inventory Management
               •  Respond to comments from followers on your                •  Extensive Reporting
                  posts—or “like” them at the very least.                   •  Marketing & Email Campaigns
                                                                            •  QuickBooks Integration
                                                                            •  E-commerce
               •  Acknowledge when an excited customer shares               •  Bulk Wine & Custom Crush Module
                  a photo of your wine on their Instagram story               Also Available
                  by at least “liking” it. More preferably, respond            ®
                  to it with thanks, and re-share it to your win-     VinNOW increases
                                                                      productivity & helps
                  ery’s story.                                        wineries grow their
               •  Not only “liking” a photo that a loyal fan tagged
                  your wine in, but also commenting on their post
                  and thanking them for their support.
                                                                        maybe even week-by-week. Any really long-
                                                                        term campaign planning will likely be disrupted.
                 “This kind of gratitude and engagement is always
               important for building brand loyalty on social       •  Show vulnerability. If you’re struggling, say so.
               media, but it’s especially crucial during this pan-      It makes you relatable, and people will want to
               demic when financial difficulty is rampant, and fans     support you and come to your rescue.
               are giving your winery free, unprompted promo-
               tion,” Webster said.
                                                                      “Know that it’s okay to ‘not know,’” said Richards.
                                                                    “Uncertainty is uncomfortable—especially when it
                 Also, pay close attention to direct messages and   comes to business and finances—but we’re all in
               respond promptly, and help customers find links      the same boat right now. A ‘best guess’ is some-
               to website pages. “This is an important aspect of    times the best you can do.”
               social media management that many wineries and
               small businesses could improve on.”

                 Finally, be realistic, Richards told The Grapevine
               Magazine. He provided these tips:

               •  Be flexible. These are unique times, and we’re
                  not sure what will happen next. That’s okay.
                  Nobody does. Be prepared to update your plan
                  and approach as needed.

               •  Think short term. Take it month-by-month or

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