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In The WineryIn The Winery

               the “free form” to be reactive.  Winemakers should  option, contact a chemical-cleaning representative
               continue to use this combination realizing it is just   for applications to the wine industry.
               a good practice for everyday cleaning but it is gain-
               ing us very little toward true microbe killing power.                   Hot Water

                              Iodine / Chlorine                       Hot water is a great tool for many applications of
                                                                    cleaning in the winery.  An ample hot water supply
                 Both of these are strong oxidizers.  Caution is    is great for cleaning crush equipment, filters and
               expressed when thinking of using these chemicals     tanks.  One area where hot water may cause some
               since they leave residuals when not handled prop-    problems is with pumps and hoses.  It can be very
               erly.  Chlorine has been discouraged from use in     hard on them and cause accelerated deterioration
               wineries due to the possible link with TCA.  Iodine   of the impellers in the pumps and discoloration and
               has been used in the past as a sanitizer. Rinsing    malformation of hoses.
               must be performed diligently since Iodine has a
               strong aroma that may be detected in minute                                Steam
               quantities in wine.  The author does not use these
               and does not recommend their use.                      Steam is an excellent sterilization tool prior to
                                                                    bottling but one must be very careful with its use.
                            Paracetic Acid  (PAA)                   Steam is very effective in killing all microbes even
                                                                    below the surface of a possible colony buildup on
                 Paracetic acid is a strong oxidizer that breaks    equipment as discussed above.
               down into water, oxygen and acetic acid.  Its use
               started in the milk and beer industries and is now                        Alcohol
               starting to be used in the wine industry.  Special
               precautions when handling this strong oxidizer are     Alcohol is a great cleaning/sterilizing agent that
               recommended.  For those wanting to explore this      will kill microbes that it contacts.  Most people pur-

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