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In The Winery

               The Cleaning Life of

               a Winemaker

               By: Tom Payette, Winemaking Consultant
               T       he positive response from the previous       cleaning.  In successful wineries this is very nearly

                       article on Cross-contamination has lead to
                       this article as enforcement to the end goal
               of the possible elimination of cross-contamination.      This article will broadly cover the cleaning and
               If that article was not on your reading list over the   sanitation principals that a winery should under-
               past few months it may be worth reviewing to help    stand in order to keep the winery facility shiny,
               understand why sanitation is extremely important.    new looking and microbe free.  Do recall as well
                                                                    that pathogens will not grow in wine so all we are
                 Winemakers often say winemaking is 95 percent      doing is fighting off microbes that may affect the

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