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               “To us, this is the ‘voice’ of the membrane telling   bentonite, a settling agent easy to filter through
               you how well it is permeating either during filtra-  crossflow. He said that when using adjuncts, not to
               tion as it rises or during the CIP cycle as it is begin-  incapacitate the system by plugging the tube and
               ning to lower through the chemical cleaning pro-     hollow fibers with a heavy load of particles moving
               cess. The goal is to keep the system ready for the   too quickly under pressure. This can result in a cost-
               next filtration run.”                                ly error in which membranes need to be replaced.

                 Other troubleshooting tips include monitoring the     Russell has seen an uptick in the use of Della
               fouling rate and not running the system too quickly   Toffola, a crossflow supported by Aftek. “It allows
               in the beginning. The transmembrane rate should      for reduction of manpower and the ability to
               be kept low for as long as possible to allow the     remotely monitor and control the unit,” he said.
               membranes to flow and not plug up too fast. Heyes
               Filters regularly helps customers develop strategies          Choosing a Filtration Method
               for using fining agents before initiating the cross-                 for Your Winery
               flow system.
                                                                      When in the market for a new crossflow system,
                           Aftek Filtration Options                 winemakers should work alongside a company
                                                                    with extensive system experience, service backup
                 Rochester, New York’s Aftek Filtration Options has  and available parts and is responsive to customer
               over 35 years of filtration expertise. It offers flota-  needs.
               tion, pad filtration, cartridge filtration, membrane
               and crossflow options for wineries.                    “Choose a company that not only can provide you
                                                                    products but can help with the setup and usage,”
                 Jim Russell, who handles regional sales for Aftek,   said Russell of Aftek. “Saving $50 on a membrane
               said he has seen many wineries that produce less     only to get a shortened life or use five times the
               than 25,000 to 40,000 cases using pads during        number of cartridges when one might be used all
               post-fermentation. He highly recommends using        season isn’t a better value. Make sure they under-
               membranes for pre-bottling filtration to ensure      stand the process and have good service and assis-
               sterile filtration into packaging.                   tance.”

                 “The membrane is integrity testable and allows       Researching filtering techniques helps the wine-
               for us to challenge the filter media before and      maker know what to expect before they’ve even
               after bottling to ensure stable shelf life. Some of   made the call to the manufacturer and may make
               our customers are shifting to crossflow for wine to   the process–both buying the system and filtering
               replace pads, and this is a discussion we have for   wine–go easier.
               sizing and timing to make the best use of capital for
               growth and packaging,” Russell said. “The filtration     “I have often told prospective Heyes Filters’ clients
               products we work with our customers on are min-      to do their due diligence and research the different
               imizing any oxygen pick-up and degradation of the    crossflow technologies that would best suit their
               flavor profile while maximizing shelf-life stability.   needs, knowing that the systems do not really care
               We work with our customers and their processes to  what you send them,” Laffey said. “The crossflow
               enable good practices, better quality and lowered    system will do its best to process the wine being
               filtration costs.”                                   filtered through it. Quite often, the expectation of
                                                                    the winemaker can be challenging to overcome or
                          Trends in Wine Filtration                 satisfy depending on their knowledge of the tech-
                                                                    nology and the ‘prep work’ done on the front end
                 Concerning industry trends, Laffey said that       on any given wine style.”
               ceramic and polymeric have been popular in the
               crossflow realm. Heyes Filters offers these types,
               as well as titanium membranes if they are the best
               solutions for the application.

                 He has also noticed advances in adjuncts, such as

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