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In The Winery

                                                                      “The Vision-2 features the best optical eye in
                                                                    the industry combined with the best software to
                                                                    produce the highest level of quality consistently
                                                                    throughout the harvest. The cleated belt holds the
                                                                    fruit from moving around and allows the Vision-
                                                                    2’s optical system to determine what it keeps and
                                                                    what it rejects. You can set the Vision-2 to keep
                                                                    or remove raisins and remove fruit that does not
                                                                    meet a certain size or color level. With today’s labor
                                                                    shortage, the Vision-2 will control up to six other
                                                                    machines on the receiving and sorting line. This
                                                                    level of automation allows you to run the optical
                                                                    line with one to two people.”

                                                                                Developing a Crush Pad

                                                                      Equipment and supplies for crush pads are critical
                                                                    components for a successful crush season.  Experts
                                                                    say that coordinating with knowledgeable compa-
                                                                    nies makes a big difference for wineries developing
                                                                    a crush pad.

                                                                      The Vinter’s Vault helps wineries of all sizes solve
                                                                    the dilemma of exactly how to execute a crush pad.
                                                                    With two locations in Paso Robles and Temecula,
                                                                    California, and a third in Texas, the company’s
                                                                    reach is global, including clients located throughout
                                                                    the U.S. and in Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, China,
                                                                    Nova Scotia and Indonesia. The Vinter’s Vault works
                                                                    with several manufacturers to provide wineries with
                                                                    equipment such as destemmers, presses, tanks, lift
                                                                    conveyors, sorting and vibrating tables. Ryan Horn
                                                                    is the company’s President.

                                                                      “We do full crush pad set-ups and often help
                                                                    clients with their designs. We commonly do full
                                                                    design layouts for new and expanding wineries
                                                                    where we can design and plot the flow of work for
                                                                    their view and to fit their needs, desires and loca-
                                                                    tion,” said Horn. “For crush pad equipment, we are
                                                                    most known for the Athena Presses, which are very
                                                                    state-of-the-art central membrane presses that are
                                                                    faster, more gentle and more efficient than any
                                                                    press on the market. Our IMMA crush pad equip-
                                                                    ment is also well known.”

                                                                      Pellenc also deploys a design and sales team to
                                                                    work with wineries worldwide to develop crush
                                                                    pads, including wineries in California, Texas, the

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