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In The Winery

                                                                      “Pellenc design engineers and salespeople will
                                                                    work with the winery team to gather the necessary
                                                                    information and put a proposal together with CAD
                                                                    drawings to meet the demands      of the winery
                                                                    with throughput and efficiency in mind.”

                                                                      Companies that provide equipment and supplies
                                                                    for crush season agree that there is no cookie-cut-
                                                                    ter approach to servicing their vineyard and winery
                                                                    clients. Among other things, 24/7 service and tech-
                                                                    nical support are high on the list of reputable firms.
                                                                    Experts say those are the companies that under-
                                                                    stand that fruit won’t wait.

               eastern United States, France, Italy, Germany,
               Spain, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina
               and South Africa. Felice said that Pellenc is there
               from beginning to end.

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