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In The Winery

                                                                     chase Everclear™ and use it directly from the con-
                                                                     tainer or with a spray bottle.  Research has shown
                                                                     that 100% Everclear™ may actually embalm a
                                                                     bacteria or yeast allowing it to become active later
                                                                     when it is a proper media for growth and regener-
                                                                     ation.  When using alcohol, blend the Everclear™
                                                                     with 30% water to make the application more
                                                                     lethal to a larger spectrum of microbes.

                                                                             Sanitation versus Sterilization

                                                                       Sanitation is a cleaning operation with a bacteria
                                                                     killing agent that will reduce the microbial popula-
                                                                     tion but it may not eliminate the complete bacte-
                                                                     rial load. This reduction may be enough for prod-
                                                                     uct stability at certain points of the production.
                                                                     Sterilization is the complete “kill” of all microbes
                                                                     and it is recommended for the bottling equipment,
                                                                     at bottling, to insure the product will remain bacte-
                                                                     rially stable.


                                                                       With proper use of water, high ph cleaners, low
                                                                     ph cleaners, sulfur dioxide, 70% ethanol, steam and
                                                                     a medium grade oxidizer, the author believes great
                                                                     wines can be made, bottled and stored soundly if
                                                                     unsanitary conditions are not allowed to get ahead
                  Winemaking Consultant                              of the winemaker and the cellar staff.  If a certain
                                                                     microbe or microbes are allowed to become estab-
                          Thomas J. Payette                          lished, the winemaker may need to review other
                     “Winemaker of the Year”                         more pronounced sanitation measures for several
                                                                     years to come.  After several years it is possible to

                 Over 25 Years Experience                            have the winery back to a state where one can go
                                                                     back to the normal sanitation measures.  The sim-
                                                                     ple message here:  Don’t let your winery get dirty.
                                          Tom Payette, a premier
                                         hands on and analytical     An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
                                         winemaking consultant,      or a little time now will save you a lot of time later.
                                         serves clients throughout   Keep up with your sanitation – it is worth it!
                                         the United States.

                                           From the construction
                                         of your business to the
                                         cork in your bottle to
                                         your consumers.

                                           Call Thomas or check
                                         his website for more

                   Phone: 540-672-0387


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