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                  We make systems for your needs,
                  from semi-automated systems to fully automated
                  systems. From one module systems to 24 module
                  systems and up. Easy to use PLC interface with
                  Easy, Moderate to Difficult wine filtration settings.

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                        Filter Sheets          Lenticular Filters          Hardware           Membrane Cartridges

               izes in filtration and purification to serve the food,   keeping the filtered wine in the receiving tank from
               beverage, pharmaceutical and biotech industries.     back-flowing through the system.”

                 Mike Laffey, the technical sales engineer for        However, when operating the Xflow system, avoid
               Heyes, told The Grapevine Magazine about two         sending wine that is not yet ready for this type of
               crossflow platforms–fully-automated and semi-au-     technology. “Settling, racking and fining are all typ-
               tomated systems–that the company offers.             ical processes in the winemaking journey, but prep-
                                                                    ping wine for crossflow filtration does take some
                 “Our fully automated systems are PLC-controlled    additional steps to maximize the efficiency of the
               with pneumatic valves and Auto CIP,” Laffey said.    filtration process,” Laffey said.
               “The fully automated systems can be configured
               sans CIP depending on the customer’s request. Our      Winemakers should keep their current plate,
               crossflow systems can be customized to meet the      frame filter and any other filtering equipment even
               customer’s needs.                                    after buying the crossflow unit because these can
                                                                    be useful as pre-filters or to remove TCA from
                 “The Heyes Filters semi-automated systems are      wine.
               designed for lower cost and have manual valving
               and manual CIP. The semi-auto unit does have an        When Heyes Filters trains winemakers on the
               autonomous feature. The operator can set the unit    initial setup of the Xflow system, the focus is on
               up for filtering and enable the autonomous feature,  proper cleaning and maintenance to maximize the
               and the system will monitor itself and shut down     filtration process.
               either when the tank being filtered is emptied or
               if the flow rate, due to fouling, drops below a pre-    “We do this by monitoring the transmembrane
               determined set point. The crossflow unit will shut   pressure, inlet pressure value plus retentate pres-
               down and sit idle with the internal check valves,    sure value/permeate pressure value,” Laffey said.

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