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In The Winery

               cipal is one must have physical cleanliness before  WINE
               quality, aromas and flavor(s) of your wine.

                 The first principal to understand is that water is
               the major cleaning agent one has. The second prin-

               attempting to sanitize or sterilize.                    Tank, Door & Other Gaskets
                 This article will go into detail about how water
               works, the ways to have physical cleanliness, and
               how to understand sanitation versus sterilization.

                          Water (non-chlorinated)                                                     G-M-I, Inc.
                                                                                                       Variable Capacity
                 Water (non-chlorinated) can be used to physically                                    Tank Inflatable Seals
               clean an area.  This can be done by using high-pres-
               sure water to remove deposits from the surfaces
               to be cleaned.  The other property of water is
               that it dilutes and dissolves particles.  Water has a
               low surface tension that makes it physically wrap
               around particles and carry those particles away
               from the surface to be cleaned.  Water is also used             For more information contact...
               to form steam to sterilize surfaces.  As one can
               conclude – water is a major component and essen-                      G-M-I, Inc.
               tial for proper microbe management!                              Willoughby, Ohio  44094-4634 USA
                 The water quality must be proper.  If the water               Email:
               contains many minerals or it has properties that do     Phone: 440-953-8811 • Fax: 440-953-9631
               not allow the job to be done correctly – it may not
               work well and may even damage some of the win-
               ery equipment.  We often add things to water to        Glass Apparatus for the Wine Laboratory
               help it work better.                                      Acclaimed by enologists across the continent!

                 One example of this is soda ash.  Adding soda ash                   The RD80 Volatile Acid Still, which
               (sodium carbonate) will raise the pH of the water                     now is the Wine Industry standard, is
                                                                                     an improvement on the Cash Still for
               and further lower the surface tension of the water                    determination of volatile acids in wine.
               helping it to perform its cleaning function.  Always                  It features an aspirator pump to remove
               remember that when using a high ph cleanser with                      the spent sample, which speeds testing,
               water to follow that action with a low pH rinse                       saves water, avoids repair bills and pre-
               water.  A common winery low pH solution for this                      vents cross contamination of samples.
               application is a citric acid and water solution.        The R&D SO2 Apparatus uses the
                                                                       Aeration Oxidation Method to maxi-
                 Equipment such as steamers may be damaged by          mize testing accuracy. It was specifi-
                                                                       cally designed for this mandated test
               high mineral loads in the water.  As the steamer        in consultation with enologists.
               does the job of creating steam it will boil off pure    Flexible spherical joints and inter-
               water leaving behind the minerals.  Over time and       changeable flasks facilitate simple
               extended use, these minerals begin to build up          operation and minimize breakage.
               causing the steamer to become inefficient.                  We manufacture a full line of wine laboratory
                                                                           equipment, and also provide Glassware Design
                                                                        Engineering, Custom Fabrication & Repair Services.
                 It is for this reason the author recommends the             CONTACT US FOR OUR CATALOG
               use of distilled water in winery steaming units to
               eliminate mineral buildup.  It is a small cost when            Research & Development Glass Products & Equipment, Inc.
               one calculates that it takes about 3 gallons of dis-           “Suppliers of Lab Glassware to the Wine Industry since 1967”
                                                                                      1808 Harmon Street • Berkley, CA 94703
               tilled water, or less, to properly steam two 20-inch           Phone: 510-547-6464 • Fax: 510-547-3620
               cartridge filter and a 12 spout filler.  At $0.85 per         Email:  • Website:

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