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In The Winery

               A Closer Look at Winery

               Filtration Methods &

               Filtration Solutions

               By: Alyssa L. Ochs
               D       uring winemaking, filtration occurs right             Overview of Wine Filtration

                       before bottling to remove any unwanted
                       particles that the winemaker doesn’t want
               in the finished product. The goal is to create a clear     Wine filtration works by passing the wine through
                                                                    tiny holes–similar to using a coffee filter. The small-
               and stable wine that consumers will love, but there   est particles and liquid pass through the filter, sep-
               are multiple ways to achieve this result.            arating everything else from the wine. The process
                                                                    creates a more stable wine, particularly as filter size
                 Choosing the appropriate filtration products and   is reduced and fewer microbes make it into the fin-
               equipment can make a huge difference in how a        ished product.
               wine turns out and how closely it adheres to the
               desired style of the winemaker. It is beneficial to     Not every winemaker chooses to filter wine, and
               learn about different filtration processes to choose   not every wine needs to be filtered. However, there
               the best methods for various wines.                  are many reasons to use a filter. Filtering gently

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