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In The Winery

               Pacific Northwest, have also suffered from extreme  lag time for other pieces that are critical to a suc-
               heat. Richard Hoff, Director of Viticulture for the   cessful crush season.
               renowned Mercer Ranches in Washington State’s
               Yakima Valley, said that the high temperatures         “The supply chain for parts is just as bad for grape
               have impacted their crush season schedule.           equipment and supplies. Finding and hiring new
                                                                    employees is definitely a big struggle this year. We
                 “As far as harvest impacts, due to the 110 F, 115 F   are lucky in that we utilize H2A and do not foresee
               heatwave we had, grapes are ripening quickly, and    any people issues at this time.”
               we expect a somewhat early harvest.”
                                                                      The H2A program allows American companies that
                 Gadd-Coster added that supplies and equipment      meet strict regulatory requirements to bring for-
               are harder to come by as the businesses that pro-    eign nationals to the U.S. to fill temporary agricul-
               vide them are tackling some of the same obstacles    tural jobs. Many crush seasons depend upon these
               as their vineyard and winery clients.                workers. However, some wineries are increasingly
                                                                    looking to technology to replace manual labor for
                 “Equipment and supplies are taking longer. That    specific tasks.
               still hasn’t changed much yet. And some things are
               just not available–long wait times. This was the       Sorting fruit is one of those jobs where technology
               case with some of our winemaking additives, some     can step in to help maximize results. John Felice,
               packaging items.”                                    Vineyard & Winery Equipment & Product Specialist
                                                                    for Pellenc, points to the manufacturer’s Vision
                 John Derrick is Vice President of Vineyards for    Optical Sorter as a solution.
               Mercer Ranches. He says there has been significant

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