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In The Winery

               liquid. Applications include not only liquid trans-  wine product. It also eliminates the need to pur-
               fer but also blending, cold settling and gas detec-  chase and store barrels.
               tion. Smart Glass touts cost-effectiveness in that
               it improves productivity by facilitating automated
               transfers, freeing up workers to do other tasks. It
               also promotes reduced water consumption and
               wine loss. The product’s year-round multiple appli-
               cations, including water flushing and flotations, also
               help save time and money.

                                                                      Pellenc’s Flash Détente (shown above) is a two-
                                                                    step thermodynamic process that reduces fer-
                                                                    mentation time from two weeks to three days
                                                                    and increases yield by 3 to 4%. The first step heats
                                                                    grapes, juice, wine or lees to 170 F, allowing win-
                                                                    eries to eliminate pyrazine and any green pepper
                                                                    taste while achieving enhanced color extraction.
                                                                    The grapes are then pushed into a vacuum cham-
                 Another time-saving product from Pellenc is        ber, where the water inside the fruit quickly turns
               Smart Oak, (shown above) is an automated tool        to steam, instantly blasting the skin, which releases
               with a user-friendly interface. Instead of the weeks   tannins and anthocyanins.
               it normally takes to complete oaking, Smart Oak
               is designed to reduce that to just a few days. The     Finally, the Pellenc Smoke Taint Mitigation pro-
               system includes a soaking vat, pump and built-in     tocol is a combination of Flash Détente operations
               sensors, the latter of which manages the speed,      and enzymatic macerations. Combining the two
               control and successful repetition of the entire oak-  gives wineries the ability to treat tainted berries
               ing process. Smart Oak allows wineries to use wood  before fermentation without stripping the finished
               chips, staves and blocks to achieve the finished     wines of their character and flavors.

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