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In The Winery

               CRUSH SEASON:

               When Timing is Everything,

               Experience Matters By: Cheryl Gray
               I    nside every grape is the flavor upon which      iary in the United States, Pellenc America, is head-

                                                                    quartered in Santa Rosa, California. The company’s
                    crush season depends. Capturing that flavor
                    is a skill that every vineyard around the world
                                                                    in the industry and help wineries get the most from
               strives to master.                                   technologically advanced products make it a leader
                                                                    their grape crops.
                 From traditional methods to the latest technology,
               wineries have a singular goal in mind: extracting      One of Pellenc’s innovations is Smart Glass, a
               the very best from a grape crop nurtured during      connected sensor used to transfer wine, auto-
               the past year.                                       matically shutting off when complete. The Smart
                                                                    Glass receives information either from a remote
                 The Pellenc Group is a global manufacturer of      control or Pellenc’s pump pilot module and alerts
               equipment and tools used in viticulture. Its subsid-  the operator whenever there is a change in the

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