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In The Winery

                 Olde Tradition Spice                               after the famous Chateauneuf du Pape reds made
                                                                    from Grenache, Mourvedre, Cinsault and Syrah.
                                                                    Another favorite is Cuvee Papou, which includes
                   Mulling Spice                                    Grenache Blanc, Marsanne and Roussanne. The
                   for Wine                                         name “Papou” is Greek for grandpa and honors
                   in Tea Bags!                                     Demetria’s founder John Zahoudanis, a grandfather
                                                                    who passed away in 2020. Demetria also releases a
                                                                    sparkling version of the Cuvee, produced at Rack &
                                                                    Riddle in Healdsburg, California. “We really like the
                                                                    sparkling wine,” Zahoudanis said, “but it’s not our
                                                                    forte.  It’s too time-consuming.  We might as well
                                         “A great way               give our grapes to folks who know how to make it.”
                                         to spice your                Demetria has recently begun producing a wine
                                         wine on a                  from the Rhône grape Picpoul, which is gaining

                  8 Bags in Attractive Box,  chilly day!”           traction among wine aficionados all over the world.
                    24 Boxes Per Case.
                                                                    Beton Blanc (beton means “concrete white” in
                 Olde Tradition Spice is the perfect addi-          French) is 95% Picpoul Blanc and 5% Assyrtiko and
                 tion for your tasting room and gift shop!          is aged and fermented in concrete eggs. “Concrete
                 The tea bags are all natural with no sugar.        is a neutral vessel, so you don’t get flavors like
                 Olde Tradition Spice - Contact Us Today!           you do from oak barrels,” Zahoudanis said. “But
                          800-977-1117                              because it’s semi-porous, you do get oxygenation,

                                which enhances the minerality that already exists in
                                                                    a lot of varietals.”

               connoisseur, but for the everyday wine lover that      According to Zahoudanis, wine can be made
               lives in all of us.”                                 quickly in concrete eggs: the Beton Blanc is ready
                                                                    five months after harvest and can be bottled by
                 Demetria has achieved that goal. Its wines—and     February.
               its beautiful Mediterranean-style winery with
               panoramic views of the vine-covered hills—             Currently, Demetria makes 6,000 to 9,000 cases of
               have received enthusiastic reviews from critics      wine annually. “We can’t plant more because we’re
               and everyday consumers alike. Recent awards          limited by geographical constraints,” Zahoudanis
               include 2016 Rosé – “Year’s Best Rosé! Wine &        said. “We sell some of our fruit, so we could scale
               Spirits Magazine; 2014 “Cuvee Sandra” Pinot          that back and produce 10,000 cases, but generally,
               Noir – 94 points, Wine Enthusiast and 93 points,     we’re good where we’re at(sic).”
               Wine Spectator; 2014 “North Slope” Syrah, 91         Zahoudanis does envision planting more
               points, Wine Enthusiast; 2013 Estate Chardonnay
               (Santa Barbara County) – 93 points, Vinous; and        Tempranillo, a grape that’s doing exceptionally
               2013 “Cuvee Matia” Grenache – 91 points, Wine        well on his property. Whatever he endeavors to do,
               Advocate.                                            if the past is prologue, the future looks very bright
                                                                    for Demetria Estate. “We’re just glorified farmers,”
                 Even with a barrel full of awards, Demetria is     he said. “We’re beholden to Mother Nature, and
               not resting on its laurels. Since establishing the   yes, winemaking requires knowledge and art, but
               Demetria Estate, the family has been changing the    it’s not rocket science.  If you don’t over-manipu-
               composition of the vineyard, uprooting much of the   late it, you can make very good wine.”
               once-predominant Syrah, and planting grapes such
               as Mourvèdre to produce more interesting blends.         To learn more about Demetria Estate, visit...
               A favorite is Cuvee Constantine, a red blend styled     

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