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In The Winery


               All-Natural Wines from Grape to Glass

               By: Nan McCreary
               W         hen John and Sandra Zahoudanis found-      Santa Barbara County to embrace the concept.

                         ed Demetria Estate near Los Olivos,
                                                                    “Biodynamic winemaking is our passion,” the
                         California, in 2006, their goal was to
               honor John’s Greek heritage and family tradition     Zahoudanis’ son, Alexis, who now runs the winery,
                                                                    told The Grapevine Magazine.  “We are trying to
               of farming and careful stewardship of the land. To   put back in the earth what we’ve taken out, and
               achieve that objective, they committed to farm       we’re doing it in the most natural way possible
               sustainably and biodynamically, using phases of      while incorporating the lunar calendar.”
               the planets and the moon to govern farming prac-
               tices.  These practices, and a natural approach to     Demetria, named for John and Sandra Zahoudanis’
               winemaking, have led to highly-rated wines and a     daughter, sits on 213 picturesque acres above
               reference to Demetria Estate as “one of the hidden   Foxen Canyon in the Santa Ynez Valley. The altitude
               jewels in California.”                               of the property ranges from 1,100 to 1,450 feet,
                                                                    making it one of the highest in the appellation.
                 While biodynamic farming principles are not        When the Zahoudanises purchased the hillside
               new—the Old Farmer’s Almanac has been rec-           vineyard from the well-respected Andrew Murray
               ommending “planting by the moon” since               Family, it was planted exclusively with Rhône vari-
               1792—Demetria Estate was one of the first in         eties. Today, the family farms 43 hillside acres

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