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In The Winery

                                                                     reached.  Wait until the wine is thoroughly mixed
                                                                     and then double check that the desired wine tem-
                                                                     perature has been achieved and holding.  (Mixing
                                                                     may be done in a non-splashing pump over fashion
                                                                     with a pump, or two, that does not bleed any air
                                                                     into the system)

                 What Moves Your Wine?                               3.Weigh 3.0 (three) grams of Potassium bitar-
                                                                     trate for every liter of wine in the tank.  Example:
                                                                     for a 5000 liter batch of wine we would weight
                                                                     out 15000 grams of potassium bitartrate or 33.0

                                                                     4.Mix this amount of cream of tartar in water or
                                                                     wine before adding it to the tank.  (This step may
                                                                     be avoided but make sure no clumps exist in the
                                                                     cream of tarter and understand a larger quantity
                                                                     of oxygen may go into the wine if the substance is
                                                                     added dry)

                                                                     5.Add the cream of tartar mixture to the chilled
                Waukesha Positive Displacement & Centrifugal Pumps   wine while mixing and mix for 3.0 hours or longer.
                 Gentle, Efficient, Carlsen Quality                  Make sure all the cream of tartar stays in solution
                707-431-2000 • WWW.CARLSENASSOCIATES.COM             and settling does not occur.  Make sure the tem-
                                                                     perature has remained at the desired level, as well,
                                                                     during this process.

                                                                     6.After the 3.0 hours, mixing may stop but the
                                                                     chilling must remain on and continue to hold the
                                                                     desired temperature.

                                                                     7.Allow the wine to settle overnight, or longer, if
                                                                     keeping the wine cold is not a concern.  [Recent
                                                                     research has shown an additional three days at
                                                                     27.0 degrees F will improve the final conductivity
                                                                     results favorably on the wines.]  The wine could
                                                                     remain in contact with the seed for months as long
                                                                     as the temperature of the wine is not allowed to
                                                                     rise. After the overnight settling period and when
                                                                     filtration is desired.

                                                                     8.Vent the tank and start from the racking valve
                                                                     filtering on coarse filter pads making sure the filtra-
                                                                     tion will go rapidly.  (One may want to remove any
                                                                     sediment “plug” first out of the racking valve by
                                                                     purging into a bucket before starting filtration.)

                                                                     9.Continue to filter very cold into a clean, tartrate
                                                                     free, receiving tank.

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