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In The Winery

               the above is determined by how each winemaker        comes from a company that is aware of your use.
               handles his or her wine and each factor should be    The cream of tartar seed size needs to be small
               considered.                                          enough to make sure the crystals have the proper
                                                                    surface for the seeding to be effective.  The seed
                   Calcium Tartrate Stability Unaffected            particle size is best at 35 micrometers.  This will
                                                                    give the fastest rate of precipitation and growth.  A
                 The reader should keep in mind that the process    mix between 30 and 140 micrometers will do fine
               of cold stabilization in this manner does not neces-  for this operation and is most likely the size mixture
               sarily affect calcium tartrate stability and many of   found commercially.
               the lab tests to check stability will not measure this
               form of instability either.                            One may re-use the seed from tank to tank using
                                                                    on whites first and then on reds.  If the seed is
                           Miscellaneous Pointers:                  used in conjunction with bentonite, after cold
                                                                    stabilization has been achieved, then the seed
                 The winemaker must keep in mind that wines         must be retired.  This re-use of the seed may
               blended after cold stabilization must be reestab-    greatly drive down the cost of the seed per gallon
               lished or at least checked to determine their stabili-  as one moves it from tank to tank.  [The author
               ty.  Two cold stable wines blended together will not  has used one set of seed for over 40,000 gallons
               always result in a cold stable wine and most often   (8 – 5000 gallon tanks) of wine with success and
               will reveal an unstable wine due to the chemistries   has not experienced a failure of the process]
               of each wine and their resulting blend.  This may    Cross-contamination is less of an issue at this time
               even be true with same blends cold stabilized sep-   because the wines are generally moving toward
               arately.                                             filtration and bottling in stainless steel tanks or
                 Make sure when purchasing the seed that it         equivalent for sanitation purposes.
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