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In The Winery

                 Ion exchange and cross-flow filtration are rapidly
               approaching our industry.  These processes can be
               used to obtain cold stability should your winery
               have the technology and equipment to do so.

                 In step three above the author has had success
               reducing this amount to 2 grams per liter as long as
               the wine is clean, chilled properly and at a desired
               cold temperature.

                 Common sense tells us that if we can do this pro-
               cess in the winery, during colder winter tempera-
               tures, our chilling systems will be more effective
               and the cellar temperature will be more conducive
               to the complete process.  This applies to the filtra-
               tion and making sure the wine does not warm too
               much during filtration.

                 Be careful when rinsing the tank after filtration.
               Ice may fall!


                 This is just one method of achieving cold sta-
               bility for a winemaker working with grape based
               wines.  Other ways are successful and may achieve
               the same results just as well.  Each winemaker           Winemaking Consultant
               is encouraged to try the process that works best
               for them and their particular cellars.  This process             Thomas J. Payette
               does have the quality of shorter chilling time and          “Winemaker of the Year”
               reduced utility bills plus faster turn around time
               for a specific wine – should those goals be desired.    Over 25 Years Experience
               Recall non grape fruit based wines may perform
               differently.                                                                     Tom Payette, a premier
                                                                                               hands on and analytical
               *  The 3.65 Bifurcation term was not located in                                 winemaking consultant,
                                                                                               serves clients throughout
               any research literature by the author and it is a                               the United States.
               term the author has used to describe this phe-
               nomenon in his cellar work.                                                       From the construction
                                                                                               of your business to the
                                                                                               cork in your bottle to
                 Tom Payette, Winemaking Consultant, has over 30                               your consumers.
               years’ experience with winery start-ups and assist-
               ing wineries already established in the industry.                                 Call Thomas or check
                                                                                               his website for more

                                                                         Phone: 540-672-0387


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