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In The Winery

               Tips for Helping Increase  Bookings

               in Off-Peak Wedding Season

               T      he months of January, February and March          Media ads) and offer discounts for your slower

                      are typically considered “off-peak season”
                                                                        months. Create a list of keywords that cou-
                      in the wedding industry and tend to be
               slower months. Getting more bookings in these            ples may use to search online for and include
                                                                        the words in your ad strategy. Some keywords
               months require a different strategy than peak sea-       may include affordable weddings, wedding dis-
               son as well as thoughtful planning. Let’s look at        counts, wedding deals, wedding offers, wedding
               some strategies to consider to help increase your        venue discounts, off-season wedding deals, off-
               business in the off season.                              peak wedding season discounts, etc.

                    5 Tips to Booking in the Off-season             2.  Promote Early: As you know, it takes time to
                                                                        plan a wedding. It makes sense to, start adver-
               1.  Offer Off-Season Rates: There is a market for        tising your off-peak season discounts at least a
                  off-season weddings, you may just need to             year in advance. This gives couples looking for
                  work smarter to reach it. Find budget-conscious       affordable alternatives a chance to decide if
                  couples through online target marketing (Social       having a wedding in the off season is right for

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