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               Cold Stabilization

               By: Tom Payette, Winemaking Consultant

                     Potassium Bitartrate Stabilization             results in their cellars not undesired results in their
                                                                    bottled wine!  Winemakers are encouraged to
               D       uring the winemaking process and before      make sure wines are bottled that will be sediment

                       bottling, there may be instability with a
                       juice or wine termed Tartrate Stability or
               Tartrate Instability.  Unknowing customers often                        Mechanism
               view these crystals as a fault and are therefore
               unsure of whether or not to consume the wine.          Tartrates are, very simply, a chemical salt made
               Once a customer is turned off by sediment, such      when potassium and tartaric acid combine making
               as a tartrate precipitate, it may be difficult to get   cream of tarter.  This cream of tarter [Potassium
               them to return to your label.  An in depth discus-   Bitatrtate] is harmless and is used, in the refined
               sion below is to help winemakers achieve desired     form, to cook meringues.  When most grapes arrive

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