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In The Winery

                  because most weddings take place in the sum-      a free quote takes only a few minutes online or on
                  mer months. Their photos will be stunning with    the phone – turning you into a one-stop-shop for
                  the natural beauty of the season and choice of    your clients.
                  winter fashion for outdoor photos (beautiful
                  coats and capes for the wedding party).             This document is intended for general informa-
               •  Winter-themed décor and food choices that         tion purposes only. The content of this document
                  wouldn’t be offered in the summer months. For     is made available on an “as is” basis, without war-
                  example:                                          ranty of any kind. Markel does not assume any
                  a. crystal icicles, shimmery linens and silver and   obligation to update any information herein, or
                  gold accents lend a magical aura                  remove any information that is no longer accurate
                  b. warm desserts such as death-by-chocolate,      or complete. Furthermore, Markel does not assume
                  mini rum cakes, warm cobbler and crumbles         any liability to any person or organization for loss
                  c. hearty comfort food with creamy soup,          of damage caused by or resulting from any reliance
                  whipped potatoes and roasted vegetables           placed on that content.
                  d. seasonal drinks like hot chocolate, hot apple   * Coverage is underwritten by Markel American
                  cider, coffee, cappuccino, hot buttered rum,      Insurance Company and policyholder services are
                  spiced wine, and eggnog                           provided by the underwriting manager, Markel
               •  Increased attendance. People are busy in the      Service, Incorporated, national producer license
                  warmer months and are more likely to decline      # 27585, in California d/b/a Markel Insurance
                  invitations for other commitments. In addition,   Services, license # 0645481.  Terms, conditions, and
                  out-of-town guests, can experience lower air-     exclusions apply.  Insurance and coverage are sub-
                  fare in the off-season.                           ject to availability and qualifications and may not
               •  Highlight the ways you prepare your venue         be available in all states.
                  for colder months, including your assurance
                  of a comfortable, warm atmosphere (like a
                  fireplace), cleared parking lot and walkways
                  of snow and ice, a large, accommodating coat
                  room, hand-warming towels in the restrooms,
                  a backup generator, and many other ways you
                  take care special care in the off-season to pro-
                  vide the best service possible.

                 We hope these tips will help you attract more
               clients to your venue during the off season who
               should also think about event insurance.

                 Markel* offers event liability insurance to hosts
               and honorees, providing coverage such as property
               damage to the venue or injury to a guest. Up to $2
               million in event liability insurance can be purchased
               by your client from Markel any time at least 1 day
               before the event. Policies start as low as $75.

                 By offering Markel Event Insurance, it will not only
               help protect your clients, but it can also help pro-
               tect you by potentially decreasing your own busi-
               ness liability risk for accidents due to negligence of
               the event host or honoree. Markel Event Insurance
               is an easy and affordable solution for your clients –

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