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In The Winery

                  them.  An affordable way to advertise is through      jewelers. Consider exchanging voucher coupons
                  your blog and a special section on your website.      with these vendors to promote each other’s
                                                                        businesses. In addition, if you partner with
               3.  Target Last-Minute Weddings: Most couples            other local wedding vendors, you may be able
                  plan their weddings, at the very least, 6-months      to come up with an attractive package to offer
                  in advance. However, there are still couples          budget-conscious couples and couples who are
                  who plan a wedding in less time. This can work        planning their weddings in a short amount of
                  to your advantage in the off-peak season. You         time. Partner with wedding planners, photog-
                  may not have to offer the deepest discount to         raphers, floral shops, DJs/bands, caterers, and
                  win this business because these couples are           more.
                  motivated to tie the knot. Again, the best way
                  to find these couples is through targeted ads.    5.  Highlight the Advantages of an Off-Season
                  Keywords that may appeal to these couples are         Wedding: Engaged couples have a variety of
                  last-minute wedding deals, last-minute wedding        concerns about booking in the off-season.
                  offers, booking wedding venues last minute,           Concerns they likely wouldn’t have to face in
                  wedding planning in a short time, etc.                the peak season, mainly weather related. By
                                                                        highlighting the advantages of an off-season
               4.  Partner with Vendors to Offer Exclusive              wedding to the couple, they may decide the risk
                  Deals: The broader your network with local            is worth it. Here are some points to highlight:
                  wedding industry professionals and vendors, the
                  better positioned you may be for the off-season  •  Saving money with discounts.
                  months. You may not be a couple’s first stop in   •  Creativity with the theme and photos. Winter-
                  their wedding planning – think bridal shops and       themed weddings are unique and memorable

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