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In The Winery

               10.Filter down under the manway door to the          of the tank’s contents may be taken to test that the
               bottom of the tank as any filtration would be per-   cold stabilization action was successful and com-
               formed making sure to get all of the wine possible   pleted as desired.
               out of the tank.  Leave the solids behind.
                                                                    14.Always double check the stability of the wine
               11.If using water to push the wine through the       just prior to bottling and remember if more tartaric
               filtration system keep in mind these crystals are    acid were added – the wine may become unstable
               water-soluble.  Make certain to use cold water and   once again.
               very limited amounts to not redissolve the cream
               of tartar making the wine unstable once again.  Do               Time / Energy / Quality
               not dilute the wine with the water.  Perhaps con-
               sider using CO2 or nitrogen as well.                   The above process works very well to achieve cold
                                                                    stability.  The cream of tartar needed does have a
               12.It is recommended to purge or sparge the          cost factor yet the payback may be in the limited
               receiving wine tank with Carbon Dioxide and the      cooling cost for shorter periods of time during this
               tank headspace of the wine tank being filtered       process.  Others argue this process is damaging
               during this process to eliminate or reduce the       to the wine and it is over production on wine to
               potential for oxygen uptake.  Other gases may be     support chilling a tank for 14 days or more.  This
               used such as nitrogen or argon.  (Keep in mind the   process will often work, yet the longer a winemak-
               principal that gases are more easily dissolved into a  er stores a wine at cold temperatures – the more
               cold liquid solution during this step.)              chance that the same wine will take in more dis-
                                                                    solved gases.  This greatly increases the chance for
               13.Once the filtration is finished one may allow the   oxygen uptake and potential oxidative reactions
               tank of wine to warm and a representative sample     with that wine causes further damage.  Much of

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