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In The Winery

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               There’s a Closure for That:

               Variety & customization Enhance Wine Closure Options

               By: Gerald Dlubala
               T       he choice of closure options and accompa-    industry, serving as both a key element to the pack-

                       nying customizations that awaits today’s
                                                                    aging while also providing any evidence of tam-
                       winemaker can be mind-boggling. As has
                                                                    development professional for Janson Capsules, a
               been the norm, the tried and true cork still holds   pering,” said Melanie Thomas, sales and business
               the title of most requested. However, due to evolv-  leading Napa-based manufacturer of capsules and
               ing technological advances, performance enhance-     screwcaps for the wine, spirits and gourmet foods
               ments and environmental and safety issues, alter-    industry. “Costs for capsules differ depending on
               native options in closure choices may be just as     what they are made of and the type of packaging
               viable and sometimes the more economical and         needed, including stock or custom colors, decora-
               efficient choice to preserve and market wine. Every  tions, size, embossing, hot stamping, etc. Generally
               aspect of packaging contributes to the overall cost,   speaking, Polylam capsules can be between $40 to
               and closure choice is no different.                  $60 per 1000 pieces, while PVC choices will run the
                                                                    winemaker between $25 to $40 per 1000 units, and
               “Capsules and closures are pretty standard to our    then tin capsules come in between $275 to $450

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