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               Fining Agents

               By: Thomas J. Payette, Winemaking Consultant
               N        ext to sound ripe fruit, great winemaking   ed to bring in the aromatics desired and reduce

                        control during the harvest and excellent
                                                                    or negate the need for a fining.  Always perform
                        blending – finings trials are a next great
                                                                    agents since not all wines and fining agents work/
               resource to possibly “fine tune” your successful     the fining trials and use a large spectrum of fining
               hard work.  This task is often overlooked or under   react as predicted.  We, as winemakers, are often
               performed due to time and the skill limits of the    surprised at unexpected findings.
               winemaker.  Fining agents must be used as a deli-
               cate tool to refine a wine or juice and one should     The most difficult portion of fining trials is to have
               not seek to make a flawed wine desirably drinkable  an understanding of working with the limited and
               with the wave of a “magic fining wand”.              small volumes of juices or wines and how to apply
                                                                    the small scale lab trials to the larger tank volumes.
                 Before attempting to refine a wine with fining     Once one has a clear understanding and method-
               agents make sure the wine is aromatically sound      ology the tasks become easier.  It may take several
               and at optimum by doing a quick copper sulfate       fining trials under ones belt before it becomes sec-
               aroma trial.  This may be the simple action need-    ond nature and the task becomes “a piece of cake.”

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