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In The Winery

               He pointed to a research and development team          Randy Peccia is Product Sales Manager for
               whose members have decades of experience know-       Parker Hannifin in its Industrial Gas Filtration and
               ing how to deliver innovation without making it      Generation Division, based in Lancaster, New York.
               complicated.                                         He explained how both membrane and PSA tech-
                                                                    nologies allow users to generate on-site nitrogen
                 “We specialize in systems designed, sized and      gas with a compressed air source.
               built for the correct purity, pressure and flow for
               each application,” said Montesi. “Our philosophy       “Membrane technology uses bundles of hol-
               is to keep the simple processes simple and make      low-fiber contained within a tube. The fiber walls
               complex processes less complex. This way of think-   selectively separate compressed air by permeating
               ing has formed the basis for our product reputa-     oxygen, water vapor and other waste gases to the
               tion–safe, continuous, flexible systems that provide   atmosphere,” Peccia said. “Nitrogen molecules are
               cost-saving, reliable gas generation.”               retained within the walls of the fibers resulting
                                                                    in the delivery of nitrogen gas of 90-99% purity
                               Parker Hannifin                      to the application. Some membranes are capable
                                                                    of achieving 99.5% purity. With no moving parts,
                 Parker Hannifin is another global industry         membrane modules are a cost-effective, reliable
               front-runner manufacturing compressed air treat-     and safe solution to on-site nitrogen gas genera-
               ment and gas generation products. The company        tion.
               produces a wide range of membrane module and
               pressure swing adsorption nitrogen gas generators.     “PSA is a regenerative technology that uses col-
               It’s been selling nitrogen gas generators to the wine  umns filled with carbon molecular sieve to sep-
               industry for three decades.                          arate compressed air,” he said. “In the ‘online’
                                                                    columns, oxygen and other waste gases are selec-

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