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In The Winery

               term contracts, delivery schedules, surcharges and     Michael Montesi is Sales Manager of Commercial
               tank rental fees.                                    Products for On Site Gas Systems. He told The
                                                                    Grapevine Magazine about the design and features
                 There is also the benefit of low energy use, result-  of one of the company’s latest nitrogen generators
               ing in more stable long-term costs. The option to    for on-site use.
               expand is attractive, too, since, with nitrogen gas
               generators, there is room for adding extra capacity     “We offer a newer unit
               to accommodate a winery’s growth.                    called the Nitroblast that
                                                                    is specifically designed for
                          On Site Gas Systems, Inc.                 the beverage industry,” he
                                                                    said. “The main innovation
                 One of the global leaders in gas generating        of this product is the com-
               technology is On Site Gas Systems, Inc., based in    pact size and all-in-one
               Newington, Connecticut. Its President and Founder,  product integration. That
               Francis X. Hursey, was among the veteran scien-      is very cost-effective for
               tists and engineers who developed pressure swing     the small user that might
               adsorption oxygen technology for NASA’s Project      have been prevented from
               Apollo space program, which sent the first humans    purchasing a nitrogen gen-
               to the moon. Hursey has received multiple patents    erator in the past.”
               in non-cryogenic gas technology, medical products
               and nitrogen applications. After developing PSA        Montesi said that nitrogen systems manufactured
               oxygen technology for the Apollo Breathing Air       by On Site Gas Systems are based on continuous
               Team, Hursey would use that same core knowledge  innovation, which ensures that the company is not
               to launch On Site Gas Systems in 1987.               only staying ahead of the curve but also defining it.

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