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                 “Screw capsules provide immediate ease of open-    noticed on the shelf and provide tamper evidence.
               ing and reclosing capability,” said Stebbins. “With   Sizing is important in these situations because the
               standard liners, both taste and freshness are pre-   tear tabs used in these applications must be prop-
               served, so the wine you put in is pretty much the    erly aligned to fit the type of bottle finish and clo-
               wine you pour out. The roll-on pilfer proof short    sure combination.”
               or longer skirted styles require machine applica-
               tion, meaning there could be additional financial            Sustainability and Recyclability
               investment and technical expertise required, either
               in-house or by way of a mobile bottler. To help off-    Stebbins told The Grapevine Magazine that
               set this, Waterloo Container offers a skirted option   Waterloo Container has seen an uptick in envi-
               that can be hand-applied, which is a great fit for   ronmentally conscious clients requesting specific
               smaller craft winemakers.”                           information on its products’ recyclability and sus-
                                                                    tainability. Unfortunately, while the technology
                                    Bar Top                         is available to recycle almost any type of closure,
                                                                    the reality is that the infrastructure to recycle is
                 Bar tops – sometimes referred to as t-tops – offer   not readily available to all in the United States. All
               the widest range of customization options, includ-   major vendors make claims and provide reports
               ing top and shank materials. Waterloo Container      regarding the sustainability and recyclability rates
               offers newer co-injected synthetic styles to allevi-  of their products on their websites, and depending
               ate the known problems of break-offs and general     on different factors, those rates vary. For example,
               difficulty removing them from the bottle. Bar tops   Amcor STELVIN screw caps boast an 80% recycling
               are gaining popularity for specialty wine products   rate in Germany, while Europe’s overall rate is
               and allow for machine or hand application. They      reported at only 40%.
               are generally easy to open and repeatedly reseal
               the bottle, making them a popular choice in spirit     Janson Capsules offers fully recyclable products,
               packaging.                                           including their E-Cap, manufactured from alumi-
                                                                    num-based materials. Thomas said that more win-
                                   Capsules                         eries are starting to consider this type of product
                                                                    based on market demand. They are an excellent
                 “Polylam capsules are the most commonly            alternative to the standard Polylam capsules that
               requested closure and are suitable for any type      contain a layer of polyethylene, a non-recyclable
               of wine, including premium wines,” said Thomas.      component. Their tin capsules are fully recyclable
               “They are a cost-effective alternative when needed,  and printed using water-based materials.
               or when the winemaker just wants to upscale from
               the PVC capsules... Tin capsules are better suited         Thoughts, Trends and Innovations
               for the super-premium or exclusive wines that gen-
               erally use heavier bottles and higher-end packag-      Thomas told The Grapevine Magazine that Janson
               ing. Tin is a great choice because of its unique tex-  Capsules is currently working on innovations in
               ture and soft feel. Tin capsules bring a very elegant   capsules and closures. Without getting too specific,
               and expensive look to your wine bottle.”             they are looking to align their products with new
                                                                    technologies, environmental protection standards
                 “As an East Coast distributor, we get more         and new ways to consume wines.
               requests for PVC heat shrink capsules than for
               Polylam or tin capsules,” said Stebbins. “This may     “I really believe that due to the unprecedented
               be reflective of the typical price points seen here   COVID-19 situation we are all living through, the
               in the east as compared to the west. Other bottle    way the wine closure industry has to operate to
               closure treatments, like heat shrink PVC capsules,   succeed will be tied to the local, sustainable and
               are an easy and economical way to finish off the     surely the digital world,” said Thomas. “Having full
               tops of wine bottles while helping the product get   access to great support with excellent technical

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