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In The Winery

               knowledge when needed is extremely important to      become even more critical in this unprecedented
               our customers. We have to adapt to our customer’s  year.
               needs and demands while also matching the bottle
               mold evolution and bottling equipment technolo-      “Because of the COVID-19 situation, we saw an
               gies.”                                               expanded need to provide inexpensive closure
                                                                    options of all types to home winemakers, smaller
                 Stebbins said they see a strong trend towards      wineries and even for the hand sanitizer market,”
               customization. “At trade shows, the first thing      said Stebbins. “As a result, we now stock several
               potential customers want is to be different. In an   new closure solutions, including a hand-applied
               industry where the containers themselves are often  skirted 30X60 mm capsule and some tamper-evi-
               a commodity, the closure becomes an effective        dent continuous thread options. These allow small-
               way to stand out or differentiate your product.      er producers to offer the convenience of resealable
               There is increased interest in shape, texture and    closures at more manageable, lower minimum
               customization, including changing from a simple      order quantities without the increased cost of addi-
               one-color logo to more elaborate multi-color deco-   tional application equipment.”
               rating and embossing. Enhancements to the actual
               bottle finish that work with the closure are drawing    “The bottom line is one size does not fit all,” said
               interest as well. For example, we have a new light-  Stebbins. “The bottle finish and contents will ulti-
               weight Bordeaux bottle that is made in America       mately determine what your closure options are. It
               and features an innovative accessory bead that is    is important to procure closures from a reputable
               added to the finish. The bead facilitates a more     and knowledgeable vendor who can ensure this
               accurate screw cap closure application and helps to  compatibility to protect your investment.”
               prevent pull-offs.”  Affordability and versatility have

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