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               Protecting & Preserving Wine Through Chemical Reaction:

               Wineries Turn to Nitrogen as the Superhero of Industrial Gases.
               By: Cheryl Gray
               N       itrogen use in winemaking is a carefully       Penelope Gadd-Coster is Executive Director of

                       orchestrated and scientific process. Its
                                                                    Winemaking at California’s Rack and Riddle Custom
                       chief role is to guard against the adverse
                                                                    that cost and efficiency are the reasons her winery
               effects of oxidation, which diminishes both the      Wine Services. She told The Grapevine Magazine
               quality and shelf life of wine. Consider the vine-   opts to use nitrogen.
               gar-like taste of a wine left opened or unfinished
               for too long and immediately understand why            “It is an inert gas, inexpensive…and there are gen-
               wineries use nitrogen to prevent oxygen exposure     erators for nitrogen, so outside gas companies are
               during production and storage.                       not needed,” she said.

                 While multiple inert gases are available to pre-     Like Gadd-Coster, proponents of nitrogen use in
               vent oxygen from coming into contact with wines,     winemaking point to multiple benefits derived from
               experts say that the choice of which industrial gas   deploying nitrogen gas generators, which allow
               to use is linked to cost, availability and the type   wineries to produce nitrogen gas on demand. That,
               of wines produced. Nitrogen is a popular choice      in turn, can help boost productivity. The use of a
               because it is in ready supply, making up roughly     nitrogen gas generator also eliminates the safety
               80% of the Earth’s atmosphere. That means it is      risks associated with high-pressure gas cylinders.
               available at an attractive price versus other indus-  Additionally, those in-house generators bypass ven-
               trial gases.                                         dor issues that might include price increases, long-
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