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In The Winery

                                                                    begin applying artificial intelligence analysis with
                                                                    data from the inspection system to provide the
                                                                    winery with predictive information, allowing them
                                                                    the ability to improve both their line efficiency and
                                                                    product quality.”

                                                                      If a winery is looking to purchase and install a new
                                                                    automated inspection system, Reardon suggests
                                                                    they look past the simple return on investment
                                                                    analysis and include the resulting opportunities
                                                                    for improved line quality and efficiency. Always
                                                                    make sure that the inspection system has the flex-
                                                                    ibility not only to meet your current needs but at
                                                                    least some of your future projected needs as well.
                                                                    Then, make sure the supplier can offer and follow
                                                                    through with quality training and support, especial-
                                                                    ly under less-than-ideal circumstances like those
                                                                    that we are all going through currently.

                                                                      “Any winery that relies on some form of human
                                                                    inspection can benefit from an automated inspec-
                                                                    tion system,” said Reardon. “And many customers
                                                                    are surprised when they hear just how cost-effec-
                                                                    tive an automated system is. Aside from the fact
                                                                    that the inspection system is more repeatable,
                                                                    consistent and reliable than a human, an automat-
                                                                    ed inspection system will free up the affected man-
                                                                    power for other tasks.”

                                                                      As the canned wine business continues to grow,
                                                                    FT System is fielding an increased number of inqui-
                                                                    ries regarding similar types of automated inspec-
                                                                    tion systems for canning lines. FT System does
                                                                    offer inspection solutions for wine canning lines to
                                                                    include empty can inspections, fill level inspections
                                                                    and leak detection systems. FT System has also
                                                                    recently developed and patented a solution that
                                                                    makes it possible to precisely and accurately assess
                                                                    whether the cap has been properly screwed onto
                                                                    100% of bottled production, eliminating the possi-
                                                                    bility of finding bottles that are difficult to open or
                                                                    prone to leaking.

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