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In The Winery

                   drain off before wine reaches its destination.   •    Contact your final filter supplier to make sure
                                                                         the procedures about to be incorporated are
               22.  Once the wine is completely through the sys-         in line with their recommendations and to see
                   tem – complete the cycle by running several           if they recommend other helpful advice about
                   sets of bottles through the filler and returning      their product and the specifications of their
                   that wine to the wine tank being bottled.  This       product.
                   will insure the first bottle of wine off the line
                   will be exactly the same composition, as practi-  •   Contact your equipment dealer to make sure
                   cally possible,  as the last bottle of wine.          the equipment will hold up to the procedure
                                                                         and to hear potential areas of concerns.  They
               23.  Resume the normal bottling operation.                may be familiar with other wineries that have
                                                                         done these procedures so they may be able to
               24.  After bottling rinse the final filter with water     give helpful tips and suggestions.
                   and perform another integrity check to confirm
                   the filter held all day.                           If looking to sterile bottle your wines for the first
                                                                    time - take the above steps and recommendations
               25.  Once bottling is complete, make sure to rinse   and implement them to cater to your specific bot-
                   all the areas of the transfer lines, final filter   tling line setup.  Every line is different with a new
                   housings and filler bowl / spouts to remove      set of places on which to focus or of which to be
                   any residue of wine.  Some winemakers (like      aware.  Open the lines of communication with your
                   me) will actually rinse and then resteam the     suppliers, winemaker and bottling crew to make
                   line without the final filter while cleaning up at   sure the above can be implemented successfully.
                   the end of the day.  This is a great idea espe-
                   cially after running a cuvee for sparkling wine
                   on your “everyday” bottling line.  Remember
                   one will still want to steam prior to the next      Winemaking Consultant
                   bottling - too!
                                                                               Thomas J. Payette
               26.  Send a bottle off to a certified lab or test in        “Winemaker of the Year”
                   house under a microscope to make sure the
                   wine is indeed clean and refermentation or a        Over 25 Years Experience
                   malo-lactic is not a concern.  Taking samples at
                   different times of the days bottling run can be                              Tom Payette, a premier
                   a great idea to help identify any problem areas                             hands on and analytical
                   if they should occur later during the bottling                              winemaking consultant,
                   day.                                                                        serves clients throughout
                                                                                               the United States.
                         Some Other Helpful Hints:                                               From the construction
                                                                                               of your business to the
               •   Use water that is clean and free of minerals                                cork in your bottle to
                                                                                               your consumers.
                   to extend the life of the steamer.  Also, some
                   water issues may clog the filters prematurely                                 Call Thomas or check
                   or during the steaming cycle.                                               his website for more
               •   If the bottling line has ball valves on the filler
                   or other areas - make sure these are physically      Phone: 540-672-0387
                   clean and sterilized properly with steam.  This
                   is an area that can create cross-contamination
                   issues with bottling.

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