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In The Winery

               ies depending on the inspection technology. While    human inspectors, then systems such as ours will
               some systems, namely the fill level and closure      allow them to meet that need.”
               inspection systems, can almost reflect a set and
               forget mentality, others require specific levels of     Reardon told The Grapevine Magazine that a com-
               training.                                            mon request he hears from wineries is to have the
                                                                    ability to identify minuscule pieces of glass inside a
                 “Covid has illuminated the need and challenge of   bottle after filling, seeming to suggest that this type
               consistently receiving and delivering quality sup-   of inspection requirement hasn’t been adequately
               port while using different yet still successful ways   accomplished or addressed. On the flip side, winer-
               that are still efficient,” said Reardon. “FT System   ies are just not aware of the many needs they could
               maintains a dedicated U.S. field service team locat-  easily meet by using automated inspection systems
               ed across the country so that in the event on-site   and the data they produce.
               training or service is needed, we have a team based
               in the United States to manage that, meaning our       “We are seeing a trend in how the resulting
               customers will never have to rely on and wait for    inspection data is handled and managed, and it has
               international travel restrictions to ease or open up.   proven to be critical and extremely valuable infor-
               Additionally, all FT System inspection units can be   mation. FT System is releasing a system that tracks
               accessed remotely for real-time diagnostics and      the supplier quality data as part of the overall quali-
               remote support, which is a huge benefit. We have     ty management system versus having and consider-
               also had a few inquiries from wineries that are      ing glass inspection as a stand-alone component or
               considering reducing the number of line workers to   a single quality control point. Then the data results
               meet their needs or successfully increase social dis-  can be fed back to the glass supplier for support in
               tancing between line staff. If a winery is still using   their own production process. A future release will

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