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In The Winery

               Automated Inspection Systems Offer

               Consistency, Reliability and Measurable

               Results  By: Gerald Dlubala
               R       esearch shows that wine purchases are        on the specific aspects of your winery’s production

                       primarily made based on the bottle’s over-
                                                                    and operational speed.
                       all shelf presence, meaning the label, the
               brand, the story behind that brand and total aes-      “Typically, wineries will perform different inspec-
               thetic appeal. Every part of that shelf appearance   tions based on their output and line speed,” said
               is geared toward having the consumer pick your       Rick Reardon, General Manager, FT System North
               bottle from all the other choices in front of them.   America. “A smaller winery where every bottle is
               By incorporating automated inspection systems        touched by hand may only do a visual inspection,
               into your winery’s filling and packaging operation,   but this isn’t practical as line speeds increase, so
               you can present a consistently reliable product      the winery usually moves to automated inspection
               that will build brand awareness, product recogni-    systems. Commonly used automated inspections
               tion and consumer trust. The types of automated      include incoming glass inspections, fill level with
               inspections are varied, so the ones that are right   cap/cork inspections, label inspections and case or
               and most economical for your winery will depend      packaging inspections. The most common are the

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