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In The Winery

                   with the wine – run a trial steaming operation        level.  Make sure the parts used to do this are
                   – use the crayons – allow the line to cool and        free from microbes and that they have been
                   then thoroughly clean the area the crayons            cleaned with a 70% ethanol solution or equiva-
                   have contacted.                                       lent protocol.

               15.  During the steaming operation – continue to     18.  Do not disconnect any of the lines at this junc-
                   check on the operation to make sure the func-         ture.  Use a spray bottle of the ethanol refer-
                   tion is continuing as planned and for safety          enced above on all areas that have a possibility
                   reasons. Check that filler spouts have not “jig-      of compromised sterility.  When in doubt –
                   gled” into the closed position.                       spray it!  Filler spouts – too! The winemaker
                                                                         has a totally sterile system from the final filter
               16.  After the steaming operation time limit has          down stream to the filler spouts!
                   been met, the operator may once again check
                   to make sure all the orifices are steaming as    19.  Aseptically close the filler spouts so they will
                   needed.  Then turn off the steam source and           retain wine when wine flows to them.
                   allow for cooling of the lines, spouts and car-
                   tridge(s), etc.                                  20.  Attach the upstream line that was connected
                                                                         to the steamer to a source of appropriately
               17.  Allow the system to come to room tempera-            pre-filtered wine.
                   ture and perform an integrity check (proce-
                   dure to be covered in a future article) on the   21.  Start the flow of wine slowly through the sys-
                   final absolute membrane filter to insure the          tem once again “chasing” the wine through the
                   unit will perform properly at the rated micron        cracked valves.  Some water may be allowed to

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