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               G              RAPEVINE
                                                                November - December Issue 2020

                                Your Best Viniculture Information Source

                          Impact of the 2020

                               Wildfires on the

                    Oregon Wine Industry

                                 See Full Story on Page 44

                 From Vine to Wine

                 There’s a Closure for That: Variety & Customization
                 Enhance Wine  Closure Options, Pg 9

                 Safety for Your Winery: Have You Fortified Your

                 Workers’ Compensation Program, Pg 22

                 How to Get the Most Out of a

                 Virtual Trade Show, Pg 30

                 Virtual Diseases in the Fall: Grapevine Leafroll

                 and Red Blotch, Pg 37

                 The Mad Scientists of the Niagara Peninsula, Pg 64

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