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In The Winery

               but also left long enough they will become very
               pungent!  Diatomaceous earth should be treated
               the same way or disposed of properly for bacteria
               growth reasons.

                 TANKS: Clean the wine tanks just after emptying.
               Once emptied the vessel will be open for insects
               to fly and move about freely inside the vessel so it
               should be cleaned.  If residuals of wine are left in
               the tank they will spoil and become cross-contami-
               nation sources.

                 SUMMARY: The above examples are just some
               areas to consider.  Each winery cellar is different
               and each cellar has unique areas that need atten-
               tion with regards to the above practices.  Take
               some time to walk around the cellar and out on
               the crush pad to explore possible areas to tighten
               up the sanitation regime to minimize and eliminate
               cross-contamination sources from the cellar.

                 It should be the desire of every winemaker to
               have and keep a spoilage bacteria-free cellar.
               Wines are easy to make and to keep in a healthy
               condition.  If the wines are kept free of spoilage
               conditions the workload is less.  Once spoilage con-
               ditions exist, the winemaker’s efforts are compli-      Winemaking Consultant
               cated and more time and effort is needed to focus
               on extreme sanitation measures.  Every winemaker                 Thomas J. Payette
               should employ good winemaking practices to avoid            “Winemaker of the Year”
               such situations, which are easily avoided with prop-
               er cellar management.                                   Over 25 Years Experience

                                                                                                Tom Payette, a premier
                 Cross contamination is the number one reason                                  hands on and analytical
               for wine spoilage, as the microbe has to come into                              winemaking consultant,
               your winery from one source or another to begin                                 serves clients throughout
               to grow.                                                                        the United States.

                                                                                                 From the construction
                 You will find your winery a different place after                             of your business to the
               you review your cellar and identify sources of                                  cork in your bottle to
               cross-contamination.  The wines will improve as a                               your consumers.
               result of your diligence to remove cross-contamina-                               Call Thomas or check
               tion sources, once identified.                                                  his website for more
                                 Bon Chance!

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