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In The Winery

               ALL ABOUT WINERY PUMPS:

               Choosing the Right One

               By: Alyssa L. Ochs
               M          oving wine from one location to anoth-    are designed to eliminate clogging and increase

                          er is an integral part of a winemaker’s
                                                                    up-time,” Hannan said. “With thousands of instal-
                          responsibilities, and for this job, you’re
                                                                    these pumps have a proven track record for perfor-
               going to need an effective pump. There are several   lations in the toughest applications you can find,
               types of pumps commonly used in winery settings,     mance and dependability.”
               and each one has a unique purpose and specialty.
               It’s a good idea to have a clear understanding of      The Eradicator’s three-part solids management
               winery pump options available because choosing       system consists of a lightweight inspection cover,
               the right pump can either help or hinder your oper-  an innovative backplate that incorporates an
               ations, ultimately making your winery more or less   obstruction-free flow path, and an aggressive
               efficient over time.                                 self-cleaning wear plate with integral laser cut
                                                                    notches and grooves. This is combined with a rev-
                     Types of Pumps Used in Wineries                olutionary “tooth” design to constantly and effec-
                                                                    tively clear the eye of the impeller.
                 Depending on what you need a pump to do in
               the winery, you might choose a piston pump,
               diaphragm pump, centrifugal pump or peristaltic
               pump. Other products commonly used in win-
               ery settings include volumetric pumps, Moineau
               pumps, flexible impellers and gear pumps.
               Meanwhile, you can find customizable pumps in
               various sizes and configurations.

                 Jeff Hannan, product manager for centrifugal
               pumps at Gorman-Rupp Pumps, said the compa-
               ny’s Super T and Ultra V Series pumps equipped
               with the Eradicator solids management system are
               the best for handling waste such as seeds, stems,      “Upgrade kits are available for existing Super T
               skins and all other types of stringy solids.         or Ultra V pumps in the field,” Hannon said. “The
                                                                    upgrade kits provide everything you need to put
                 Headquartered in Mansfield, Ohio, GR Pumps         the best self-cleaning pump technology in the
               designs and manufactures pumps and pump sys-         industry to work for you.”
               tems for the food and beverage industry and at
               least a dozen other applications. The company          Ross Battersby, who handles sales and design for
               also manufactures submersible, rotary gear and       equipment and machinery at Carlsen & Associates,
               standard centrifugal pumps to handle waste appli-    said his company sells three main pumps for winery
               cations, sump applications and other fluid-handling   applications. Carlsen & Associates is a Healdsburg,
               needs.                                               California-based premier wine equipment supplier
                                                                    that has engaged in researching and refining the
                 “With the ability to pass up to three-inch spher-  winemaking process for over 20 years.
               ical solids, Super T and Ultra V Series pumps

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