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In The Winery

               Cross-Contamination and

               the Winery Cellar

               By: Thomas J. Payette, Winemaking Consultant
               C      ross-contamination is something we have       biology one keenly becomes aware of the principals

                      all been made aware because of the food
                                                                    of cross-contamination.
                      industry.  We have learned that using the
               same plate to take food to the grill as well as to     An everyday less seen example outside the food
               serve food from the grill, prior to proper cleaning,   industry is easy to illustrate.  After using the rest
               may result in a salmonella outbreak causing dis-     room we wash our hands diligently only to turn
               comfort to many.  Using a cutting board to prepare   around and place our hand on the door handle to
               a meat or fish and then to cut a vegetable for a     exit the rest room.  At that instant we have con-
               salad may result in similar reactions due to a bacte-  taminated our hand with microorganisms from
               rial contamination from an uncooked meat source      other individuals that have placed their hands on
               to a product eaten raw.  Once one focuses on these  the same door handle prior to us.  Perhaps we have
               same principals and perhaps has training in micro-   all seen the individual that continues to use the

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