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In The Winery

                 Carlsen’s Waukesha 130 positive displacement       frequency drive, means there is little-to-no sheer
               pump is a versatile pump with many applications,     in the pump head, so provided the correct line size
               including filtering, barrel-filling, emptying and bot-  and speed is selected, there is no cavitation,” said
               tling.                                               Battersby. “They are extremely efficient and easy
                                                                    to use.”
                 “These pumps must in three-inch lines from the
               de-stemmer to the tank at 15 tons per hour, trans-                                  Battersby said his
               fer wine in two-inch lines at up to 130 gallons per                                  company previously
               minute, and also go in reverse,” Battersby said.                                   sold a line of flexible
               “You can use pressure transducers, switches, float                             impeller pumps, less-ex-
               switches, batch controllers and timers with this                               pensive pumps that per-
               pump.”                                                                        form various tasks. These
                                                                                            are entry-level pumps com-
                 Another popular Carlsen pump is the Yamada                                monly used by small startup
               NDP 25 double diaphragm air pump. It runs on                               wineries. However, Carlsen
               a max of 22 cubic feet per minute of compressed                           & Associates stopped selling
               air and is commonly used by boutique wineries for                          these products because the
               transfers, press pan duty, small tank pump-overs                           maintenance and service
               and barrel filling.                                                        requirements failed to meet
                                                                                         the company’s standards for
                 “Air pumps are                                                        quality.
               the gentlest of
               pumps when                                                            “The rubber impellers break up
               set up correctly                                                     over time, they fracture if they go
               and can be used                                                      in reverse, they leak and you can
               in nearly all situ-                                                  never run them dry,” Battersby
               ations,” Battersby                                                  said.
               said. “There are two
               principle controls on                                          Another pump-like product from Carlsen
               the pump, a ball valve to                                is the Bulldog Pup, an inert gas-powered barrel
               control airflow and thus pump flow, gallons            racking wand that works by sealing the racking
               per minute and a pressure regulator that will        wand in a barrel or keg. The Bulldog Pup displaces
               control line pressure, commonly not above 30 psi,    the wine using compressed inert gas to push it out
               depending on the application. With our Electric Air   of the barrel, into the wand and out of the hose to
               solenoid, you can use float switches and timers to   a tank or barrel.
               automate the pump. A key feature is the ability to
               shut off against the pump without damaging any-        “At about $700, it is the least expensive ‘pump’
               thing.”                                              you can buy and also the gentlest, with the few-
                                                                    est moving parts,” he said. “These units also stand
                 Battersby also mentioned the 2085/10 or 15 hp      the test of time with readily available spare parts,
               centrifugal pump. These large-scale transfer pumps   a design that hasn’t changed and reliability that’s
               move wine in three-inch lines at speeds between      second to none. You can find these in the Carlsen &
               250 and 350 gallons a minute. They are often used    Associates Annex section.”
               in tanker truck loading and unloading, large-scale
               wine blending, racking off huge tanks, press pan            Maintenance for Winery Pumps
               duty on large presses and pump-overs for massive
               red fermenters.                                        A big part of having pumps in the winery is keep-
                                                                    ing them clean, sanitary and working well for many
                 “The scrolled impeller, combined with a variable   years.

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