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               G G Your Best Viniculture Source Connecting Suppliers With Buyers

                                    Advertiser & Reader Testimonial

                      What Our Advertisers Say                                 What Our Readers Say

               Gearmore: For over 50 years, we have been distribut-     “We especially like the brevity and focus of  The
               ing a complete line of vineyard implements.  We have  Grapevine Magazine. Others have “so much diverse
               found that The Grapevine Magazine is the only pub-     information” trying, I guess, to capture all audiences.
               lication that covers vineyard growers over the entire  It takes so long to find the useful articles we some-
               U.S. market.  That is why we continue to advertise Full  times simply recycle them without opening a page.”
               Pages in all of their issues.  They also have interesting   Carol Doolittle, former Marketing Manager at
               and informative articles on the vineyard industries             Cornell University and Co-Owner of
                Robert Giersbach, Advertising Manager • Gearmore            Frontenac Point Vineyard - Estate Winery

               Munckhof:  “We have been working with The Grapevine    This January-February issue is the best yawl put out!
               Magazine  for several  years as an  important  part of  Everyone at the winery took turns reading it. Job well
               our marketing strategy in the Midwest. Their focused  done! Can’t wait until the next issue.
               approach on viticulture appeals to us as we are sure           Thanks!  David - Sent from my Iphone
               our ad’s  are  reaching  our  target  market  exclusively.
               Their editorial team is very helpful and have produced
               material for us in sponsored and editorial articles.”     “The Grapevine Magazine is a great read!”

                           Dennis Van Den • Munckhof                         Slack Wines at Woodlawn Estate & Inn
               XpressFill: The Grapevine Magazine provides XpressFill    “Harmony Winery in Fishers, Indiana likes  The
               with an excellent opportunity to reach our target mar-  Grapevine Magazine. Even have it on our coffee table
               ket.  Jo Cloud has been a pleasure to work with and is  in front of the fireplace at the winery.”
               extremely personable and willing to go the extra mile                      Kevin J. Croak
               to provide creative opportunities to optimize our ad
                                                                        “It (Readers’ E-Newsletter) sure is a lot nicer looking
                     Rod Silver, Marketing & Sales • XpressFill       than the other two.”

               Suterra:  “As  a grower-owned crop  protection  man-               CA-Based Advertising Agency,
                                                                                   Name Withheld by Request.
               ufacturer,  it’s important  to us to reach  the right
               audience with information about our vine mealybug
               control product. Our proactive and response account      “I only keep your magazine and one other, the rest
               manager from The Grapevine Magazine has helped us      are thrown out!”
               achieve that goal.”                                                      Plagidos Winery
                Jean Morton, Marketing Project Manager • Suterra        ”The article looks super and it is our main post of

               Shelco Filters:  “We have advertised in the Beverage   Facebook today, and we’ve also shared it on Twitter!
               Master Magazine and The Grapevine Magazine since                            Jason Haas
               2011 because we find  that  their editorial  content  is           Tablas Creek, Paso Robles, CA
               meaningful and relevant to both of our audiences.”
                    Robert LeConche, President • Shelco Filters         “Your magazine is a welcome additon to our tast-
                                                                      ing room. I get so many that I toss all except  The
               Vacuum Barrier Corporation:  Advertising in both The   Grapevine Magazine. I make sure and have copies on
               Grapevine Magazine and Beverage Master Magazine        several tables for folks to peruse while they taste and,
               has proved beneficial to our marketing mix, keeping    when they’re not doing so, I sneak one behind the
               us in front of our target audience with on-topic, top   tasting bar to read it!”
               notch editorial.                                                            Trudi Perry
                  Mike Johnson, V.P. Sales • Vacuum Barrier Corp.              Alfalfa Farm Winery, Topsfield, MA
                                                                                                                                         Total Print = 21,929 • Total Digital = 7,792 • Total Circ. = 29,721

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