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               G G Your Best Viniculture Source Connecting Suppliers With Buyers

                        Editorial Content                                   Contributing Writers

                 The Grapevine Magazine has always focused on         1)   Dr. Richard Smart, “The Flying Vine Doctor” - Australia
               wineries, their winemaking process, vineyard tech-
               niques, marketing, new product and technology          2)   Brian D. Kaider, Esq - MD
               announcements.  Our readership consists of pro-
               fessionals who are involved in every aspect of the     3)   Michael Parelli, - Blattel Communications - CA
                                                                      4)   Kerry Scott, MAS Labor - VA
                The Grapevine Magazine has joined forces with         5)   Thomas J. Payette, Winemaking
               industry leaders who are our contributing writers.          Consultant - VA
               Their expertise provides you and your target audi-
               ence with the most current and valuable information    6)   Susan DeMatei, Wine Glass Marketing - CA
               in the industry.
                                                                      7)   Mark L. Chien, Viticulture Educator, Penn State
                 In addition, we understand that our readers are           Cooperative Extension - PA
               maintaining their vineyards and perfecting their       8)   Dr. Edward Hellman, Professor of Viticulture,
               winemaking skills in vastly different regions across        Texas Tech University, Department of Plant &
               the nation.  We consistently seek out and attract           Soil Science - TX
               contributing writers, educators and professionals to
               write articles specific to their area of the country.    9)   Charles Forman, Beverage Marketing Corp. - NY
               This allows us to maintain a well balanced publica-
               tion that is educational and informative to all winer-  10)   Annie Klodd, Extension Educator, University of
               ies and vineyards, regardless of location.                  Minnesota
                                                                              Senior Staff Writer

                                                                      1)   Nan McCreary; French Wine Scholar WSET, Level 3
                                                                           Court of Master Sommeliers, Level 1 - TX

                                                                                 Assistant Editor

                                                                      1)   Jessica Spengler - MI

                                                                                    Staff Writers

                                                                      1)   Alyssa Ochs - NM
                                                                      2)   Cheryl Gray - MI

                                                                      3)   Gerald Dlubala - MO

                                                                      4)   Becky Garrison - OR
                                                                      5)   Hanifa Sekandi - Canada
                                                                      6)   Todd Stewart - Canada

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