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                                                                877.892.5332 •

                                        Circulation & CPM Efficiency

                 Monthly Circulation Comparison
                      (Includes both Print & Digital if known)                 29,721

                 Planning your marketing campaign has many consider-
               ations,  including  the best vehicle for  reaching your tar-
               get audience.  The Grapevine Magazine offers the most
               advertising options, including, Print, Digital, Website,
               Monthly Newsletters, E-Blasts and more!  Of course, you
               also  want to know you are  receiving  the best value for
               your marketing dollars.                                                          10,000
                  The Grapevine Magazine offers you all  of these  mar-
               keting options – PLUS - gives you the largest viniculture
               circulation in USA and Canada.  The Grapevine Magazine
               mails to 10,000 readers each issue and with two consec-
               utive issues, you benefit from our entire Print and Digital
               circulation of over 29,000!
                                                                          The Grapevine     The Grapevine        Wine
                                                                             Magazine          Magazine        Business
                                                                               TOTAL          EACH ISSUE        Monthly


                                                                                 CPM Analysis
                                                                      (Includes both Print & Digital if known)

                                               $369.60           To determine the most cost-effective advertising between
                                                               The Grapevine Magazine and other similar publications, we
                                                               have prepared a Cost Per Thousand (CPM) Analysis (left).

                                                                 The Grapevine Magazine provides  you with  the lowest
                                                               CPM, making your advertising  budget  work harder and
                                                               stretch further than any other viniculture publication.

                    Wine Business
                        Monthly         The Grapevine
                        12x Year           Magazine
                                             6x Year

               *   Data compiled for 1 x run, Full Page, 4-Color, Gross advertising page rate, divided by the quoted circulation of each
                   issue, multiplied by 1,000 mailings.

               **  The data used to develop this graph has been retrieved (if available) from the listed publications’ Websites and Media
                   Kits.  The Grapevine Magazine can not guarantee the accuracy of any third party information.

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