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                                                                877.892.5332 •

                                                 Features & Benefits

               •  All Glossy Four Color Magazine -  High quality          •  Bi-Monthly Mailing -  Sending a consistent
                  printing and color which provides you with a bet-          message with placement in multiple issues is
                  ter image and a greater response.                          your key to generate a greater sales response.

               •  North America (Including Canada & Central               •  Multi-Media Capabilities -  We offer you a
                  America) Distribution -  Concentrates circulation          variety of advertising options including...
                  into core viniculture markets to help you saturate
                  your target market and expand your sales.                      •  Print: QR & AR Codes Available
                                                                                 •  Website: Tile, Banner & Video
                                                                                 •  IBSN - Interactive Buy/Sell Network
               •  FREE Subscription -  A Subscription to The
                  Grapevine Magazine is available in Print or Digital            •  Tradeshow Exposure
                  to view from our website at no charge.                         •  Custom Email Blast
                                                                                 •  Readers E-Newsletter
               •  FREE Press Release Placement - All paid                        •  Polybag
                  advertisers may submit press releases to provide               •  Brochure/Mailer Inserts
                  additional exposure to our readers about your                  •  Belly Band
                  product or service.  Based on space availabili-
                  ty and first request receive placement priority.               •  Custom “Blow-Ins”
                  Placement may be in the Print Issue, Facebook
                  Page, Reader E-Newsletter or any combination.              providing you even more market exposure and
                                                                             added value for your advertising dollars.

               •  Graphic Design -  Ad design and production ser-         •  Value-Added Opportunity -  Ads run in our
                  vices are avilable. Call for quotes & rates.               tradeshow issues will also receive exposure at
                                                                             multiple tradeshows held around the US and
               •  Verified Mailing List -  Assures accuracy and qual-        Canada.
                  ity of mailing list.  Our national mailing is the larg-
                  est in the viniculture industry and currently over      •  Discount Rates -  Print and Online Advertising
                  29,000.  Postal Receipts Available Upon Request.           can be combined for frequency discounted
               •  Creative Unit Considerations -  We offer full page
                  bleeds, fractional pages for seasonal promotions,                CREATIVE SERVICES
                  unique ad units as requested.  Full details provid-
                  ed in the Media Kit.                                    We provide Graphic Design and Production services for...

               •  Positioning -  High impact positioning is available             •  Print or Digital Ads
                  and includes:                                                   •  Brochures
                                                                                  •  Postcard Mailers
                      4 Opposite Table of Contents                                •  Flyer’s
                      4 Covers                                                    •  Catalogs
                                                                                  •  Newsletters
                      4 Your ad adjacent to product related                       •  Posters
                        editorial or company Press Release.                       •  Trade Show Backdrops
                                                                                  •  Trade Show Banners & Signage
                      4 Placement of your ad within the first                           For rates contact your
                        one-third of the magazine.                                 Grapevine Sales Representative or
                                                                                           Jeff Bricker at...
                       Final positioning can only be guaranteed          
                       upon receiving a signed Insertion Order.

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