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In The Winery

               not web accessibility specialists. Don’t let them
               learn on your dime.

            •  Post an accessibility statement. This can be
               simple verbiage on your site that lets visitors
               know you are addressing the issues. It also lists
               your contact info so that users can reach you if
               they need help navigating the site. Nearly every
               lawsuit filed in his space cites the lack of such a
               statement on the site.

            •  Perform human audits. Again, technology does
               have some benefit for those looking to gauge
               their general accessibility level. But it will not
               make your website compliant. If true accessi-
               bility is the goal, you must have human beings
               auditing your website for all instances of all
               WCAG errors.

            •  Commit to ongoing auditing and maintenance.
               Post-remediation, you’ll need to periodically
               review your site to make sure it stays compliant.
               Your content may change, as do laws and regu-
               lations, and so a set-it-and-forget-it strategy can
               land you back in court. Accessibility is a journey,
               not a destination.

              Lastly, remember that website accessibility is
            about more than merely avoiding lawsuits; it’s
            about doing what is lawful and making your web-
            site accessible to all, which ultimately benefits
            everyone, including your winery.

              For more information about becoming ADA com-
            pliant, please contact Rick Gagnon at ADA Site
            Compliance at...

                             (561) 258-9875

                               or find us at...

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