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            Accessibility By: Rick Gagnon, ADA Site Compliance

            L      ike most businesses today, wineries are       site, built an entirely new one, or closed its doors

                   grappling with making their websites acces-
                   sible to users with disabilities. Plaintiffs and
            their attorneys continue to target the wine indus-     So how have wineries and vineyards fared so far
            try and have now filed dozens of lawsuits alleging   in facing this new risk? While the final chapter in
            that growers, distillers, distributors, and merchants   this story has yet to be written, defendants in such
            are non-compliant under the Americans with           suits across similar retail-based industries have
            Disabilities Act (ADA). If the current litigation wave   found that their outcomes largely depend on the
            follows that of other verticals recently hit – retail   strategy they choose to adopt. There are three
            apparel, hospitality, restaurants, travel, among oth-  basic approaches. One option is to do nothing at all
            ers – the trend will likely persist until every player   and hope for the best.
            in the space has either revamped its existing web-

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